The Basics of Geothermal Energy

Check out this presentation that explains step-by-step what geothermal energy is all about: where it comes from, how it’s used and the challenges it faces. It also describes the current state of geothermal energy use globally and an estimate of just how much could be harnessed by humans for power generation and heating.

Hit the ‘Play’ symbol to start the slideshow. You can control the flow of the images by clicking the ‘Pause’ symbol and using the arrows to advance the images or return to previous ones.

ImageMaker- Geothermal Power Plant Video

Their 3D video walks you through all of the steps of geothermal power generation from resource to surface, steam to turbine, generator to transformer, and condensor back down to the resource.

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AlJazeera’s Take on Geothermal Energy: How it Works

 Watch this comprehensive video demonstrating how disused oil and gas wells can generate green energy.

GEA Geothermal Basics

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) explains what geothermal energy is and how it is produced by answering the questions:

What is geothermal energy?
How does a geothermal reservoir work?
What are the different ways in which geothermal energy can be used?
How does a geothermal power plant work?