The Lakelse area is located in central British Columbia, about 10 km south of Terrace, British Columbia, on Highway #37. The Project is seeking to develop one of the first, if not the first, geothermal power plants in Canada. The Geopower project is a notional +/-15 MW (net) standard hydrothermal project currently in the midst of exploration and assessment with the intention to sell the power generation to B.C. Hydro. The consortium partners of Kitselas First Nation and Borealis GeoPower obtained the geothermal exploration permits from the Ministry of Energy on January 21, 2014 for 2,865 hectares.

This Lakelse Lake region is considered ‘high potential’ as many high temperature hot springs reside within it; this includes one of Canada’s hottest hot spring, with measured water temperatures of >80C at the surface. The geological environment in the Lakelse Lake area is very encouraging for developing a geothermal project. The subsurface geology in the area suggests a sedimentary unit that has accumulated in the valley and overlies granitic plutons. Subsurface analysis shows that the Lakelse area lies within a key faulted zone that is seismically active and is composed of deep structures, forming a suggested graben structure. Multiple sets of regional geophysics, including: resistivity, gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic and local seismic, support the subsurface model. These high surface temperatures are a good indication of a significant geothermal resource at depth with temperature more than sufficient to support geothermal energy production.

As of 2015, we have completed the initial phase of our surface exploration program. The program has helped to highlight areas for further exploration and drilling.

This geopower project could represent the first commercial geothermal power production in the Province of British Columbia and the first fully green, baseload power generation alternative to large-scale hydro. As the project is near BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line, the facility could increase grid stability for all the developments to the North. There are also opportunities for related direct heat applications like greenhouses and hot spring ecotourism.

For more information contact:

Craig Dunn, P. Geo
Founder & Chief Geologist; Borealis Geopower
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