The Project is seeking to develop one of the first geothermal power plants in Canada.

The Kitselas Geothermal Project is a 15 MW hydro-thermal project currently in the midst of exploration and assessment with the intention to sell the power generation to B.C. Hydro. The consortium partners of Kitselas First Nation and Borealis GeoPower obtained the geothermal exploration permits from the BC Ministry of Energy in 2014 for almost 3,000 hectares of land.

As of 2015, we have completed the initial phase of our surface exploration program. The program has helped to highlight areas for further exploration and drilling. As the project is near BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line, the facility could increase grid stability for all the developments to the North and be paid for ancillary services. There are also opportunities for related direct heat applications like greenhouses, fish farms, and heating local businesses.


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Our Equal Partner: Kitselas First Nation

We are proud to be working with many First Nations partners to whom we have consulted in the past, but most notably the Kitselas First Nation who is our equal partner on our Lakelse Lake GeoPark Project.

Both of our motives are to be able to build sustainable communities through the heat generated by our GeoPark, while drastically reducing our environmental impact.


Support from the Government

Federal funding from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has been granted to Borealis GeoPower Inc. This funding may be leveraged with other investors. To find out more information about investing, please visit our Lakelse Lake GeoPark page!

SDTC is a Canadian Federal initiative that funds Canadian CleanTech Projects such as Borealis GeoPower and the Kitselas First Nation Lakelse Lake Geothermal Project. SDTC Funding helps projects move economically viable and clean technology to the market.





Project Location

Lakelse Lake GeoPark