Investing in the next generation of energy

The sage advice is to invest in things that everyone about nice warm buildings, bright lights, clean air, good food, local jobs and energy stability...?

What about an investment that involves:

  • Stable, long term renewable energy that is supported by the local community?
  • Clean air and water and fresh organic food?
  • A beautiful eco-tourism destination surrounded by epic mountain scenery?

There is a known geologic hot-spot in the Rocky Mountain Trench near the beautiful community of Valemount, BC which provides the perfect background for development of our innovative geothermal energy project.  After an extensive multi-year exploration program, Canoe Reach Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Borealis GeoPower, is excited to move forward with project financing for Phase 1 of our Canoe Reach Energy projects. 

Investment opportunities available for both of Borealis GeoPower's projects

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Both of the projects follow the same development plan:

Phase 1 - The Kitselas project will feature a small-scale, local greenhouse and the Canoe Reach project will feature hot pools. Both of these projects will be sustained naturally by the heat of the Earth. Geothermal energy can supply food security, jobs, and boost tourism, all while creating CO2 credits instead of paying a carbon tax.

Phase 2 - Both projects can provide 100 kW of power through the BC Hydro Net Metering Program, 1MW of power through the BC Hydro Community First Nations Standing Offer Program and heat supplied to further GeoPark business customers.

Phase 3 - Both projects can sell 15 MW of power production through the BC Hydro Standing Offer program as well as provide ancillary services to BC Hydro for Transmission Grid Support.

Pick your antidote: 

De-risking your investment through tax credits: It's your money, and you worked hard to earn it, now let it work for you.  Phase 1 of our Canoe Reach Energy project has qualified for the BC Eligible Business Tax Credit, a 30% refundable tax credit for individual tax payers in BC.

  • Want to know more about how the investment tax credit works? Click this link.
    • Individuals investing in Canoe Reach may generate up to 74% of their investment in tax savings (30% tax credit refund  and up to 44% in RRSP deductions)

Renewable energy: Invest in the future of energy. According to the International Energy Outlook 2016 report from US EIA, renewable energy development is the fastest growing sector in the energy sector.  United Nations & IRENA pledged a 5x growth in global geothermal power generation.

Climate Change:  Are you choosing your investments based on how that investment impacts our planet and the next generation? Our geothermal project is designed to use binary turbine technology for power production resulting in zero CO2 output on both our direct heat and geopower projects. This is an energy project for the next 7 generations of Canadians.

Carbon Tax Proof:  With current CO2 pricing in BC and the upcoming fossil-fuel based taxes of $50/tonne CO2e by 2022, geothermal energy can provide long-term stable power and heating prices that are 'carbon-tax' proof. The incredible geothermal resource potential at Canoe Reach provides the energy that is independent of carbon-based heating resources like propane or natural gas.

Carbon Credit Generating: Because it does not rely on external fuel sources, geothermal energy can supply food security, jobs and boost tourism, all while creating CO2 credits instead of paying a carbon tax. We estimate that Phase 1 of our Canoe Reach Energy project will generate 1,250 tonnes/yr of carbon credits, while Phase 2 will generate approximately 19,000 tonnes/yr of carbon credits.

Transmission Stability:  Our Canoe Reach Energy project's long term focus is to provide power grid stability to the Robson Valley, which currently suffers from one of the least reliable transmission lines in the province. Baseload geothermal power creates an opportunity for BC Hydro (and BC taxpayers) to avoid infrastructure costs associated with upgrading the >300km transmission line to the Robson Valley.

Energy Pricing Stability:  Geothermal energy projects have 'no fuel costs' as our planet’s “heat battery” provides us with an incredible renewable energy resource. This means our project can offer long-term heat and power contracts (on the scale of decades) without risk of price increase from non-renewable commodity pricing.  This also means long-term stable returns.

Invested Partners: We have so much belief in this project that our entire project development to date has been personally financed or 'boot-strapped' by the Borealis owners. Talk about skin in the game! The project has also attracted financial support from international governments and organizations eager to see geothermal energy expand into Canadian territory.

Beautiful Food:  Concerned about global changes in food production and the stability and quality of your food? Our geothermal energy project is partnering with Grown Here Farms for the development of our on-site 'net-zero' greenhouse. Imagine fresh organic greens grown with renewable geothermal energy in a hot spring destination village. Hungry yet?

Epic Eco-Tourism Destination: Borealis is working with local partners for the development of a hot-spring destination that will sit between two epic mountain ranges and overlook the Kinbasket reservoir.  The Robson Valley is host to a variety of eco-tourism activities and is the future home of the Valemount Glacial Destination, so it only makes sense to bring back Canoe Reach's Hot Spring culture.

District Heating Technology:  When people think 'energy' they normally assume electricity, however heat is a necessary energy too. Our project involves the development of cost-competitive and non-carbon based heat resources for local community and industry applications.

Community based: Borealis, our parent company, has been involved in the Valemount community since 2010, and their recent community outreach program resulted in a >90% support for our innovative geothermal project.  We have the letters of support to back this up, so thank you to Robson Valley residents, you truly are 'superhosts'.

Cutting Edge Technology: Borealis Geopower is a leader in the field of geothermal energy development in Canada and will be developing the field from which Canoe Reach Energy will operate its heat projects. They have already received Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) funding for their innovation in technology and methodology for geothermal exploration and project development. Invest in the team that is leading the way in geothermal energy.

So Much Support:  You can read about or watch all the folks that are rooting for us to succeed and the long list includes local community, First Nations, government, NGOs, and there is even global support for the project. There is such a great diversity of support that it makes you wonder why other energy projects don't have this kind of love.

Feel Good Investment:  With the dawn of social responsible investing, there is a growing call that your investment should go to making the world a better place. You should be able to brag to your friends, family and neighbours about the things that your investments are accomplishing and feel good about doing it. How about clean, renewable energy development that the local community supports...can you feel good about that?

Future Growth: Canoe Reach Energy wants to ensure that our investors are aligned with the overall project vision, so your investment in Phase 1 grants investors participation in future project development phases. This includes Phase 2, a 15x larger scale commercial direct heat and micropower project, and Phase 3, a 15MW geopower electrical generation facility. Now is your chance to be part of the growth of Canoe Reach Energy.

Incredible Team Leadership:  Our team has an extensive history of project management from other energy & mining sectors and we had the vision to invest in geothermal/renewable energy almost a decade ago.

Do you want to invest in an energy project that even the local community supports?  How about a feel good investment that has the potential to deliver a solid return? Borealis Geopower and Canoe Reach Energy are using one of the best earth heat resources in Western Canada to develop a renewable energy project that can provide heat, power, grow local food and support eco-tourism destination.

Craig Dunn and Alison Thompson, Co-Founders and the entire Canoe Reach Energy and Borealis GeoPower Team


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