Grown Here Farms Gives Shout Out To Borealis GeoPower in Modern Agriculture Magazine

In the article “Grown Here: It’s All in the Name” written by Cate Pedersen. The article features Krystine McInnes, CEO of Grown Here Farms. Grown Here is a producer of wholesome organic food and their mission is “To inspire you to reconnect with your food, your community, and to honour our planet.” They do not use pesticides or chemicals in their produce and are working towards a net-zero carbon footprint. As one of Borealis’ prospective customers, McInnes describes, “We have also collaborated with Borealis GeoPower for geothermal technologies so we can integrate to create fossil-free food growing models.” Borealis is proud to support businesses attain their zero carbon goals and make geothermal energy the cornerstone of a new energy system.

Click here to read the full article.

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