Mr. Craig Dunn, founding partner of Borealis GeoPower Inc., is a pioneer leader in geothermal energy exploration and development initiatives in Canada. With over 10 years’ experience in geological consultations, Mr. Dunn supplies both the project management and geological expertise for the Canadian energy industry’s efforts on developing high temperature geothermal energy from untapped resources.

Mr. Dunn laid the foundations for his career as a leader in exploration geology when he completed a thesis project with DeBeers Canada, a diamond exploration company. He completed this work in Northern Manitoba working with First Nations community, while obtaining his B.Sc. degree in Geology at the University of Manitoba. Upon completing his degree studies, Mr. Dunn was contracted to provide geological analysis for myriad exploration assignments with organizations such as the Associated Mining Consultants Ltd, Oil Sands Geological Associates, and PHH ARC Environmental Ltd. While working with PHH ARC, a consulting and environmental services company that provides a wide range of environmental, engineering and geosciences solutions, Mr. Dunn served as a project manager for the Orphan Well Association’s outsourced projects, providing geological expertise for environmental engineering assignments.

In 2003, Mr. Dunn established WellDunn Consulting, an independent geological consulting firm to the oil and gas industry. With a portfolio of clients that spans such hallmark names as Shell, EnCana, Husky, Baytex, Nexen, Jacos, Suncor and Devon. Drawing upon Mr. Dunn’s excellent public relations skills and profound dedication to meeting the needs of clients, WellDunn evolved into an industry pace-setter and was involved in a number of innovative oilfield exploration programs including:

  • MEG Energy (early stage oilsands coring program in 2003)
  • Wave Energy, Banks Energy, Thunder, Stride (conventional oil and gas exploration throughout Alberta/BC & Saskatchewan)
  • Devon (innovative underbalance gas wells in NE BC)
  • Husky Cold Lake (one of the first heavy oil projects in Alberta: Tucker Lake exploration and horizontal production drilling program)
  • Arcan: Swan Hills (oil exploration in sensitive high water cut environment)
  • Petrobank, Crescent Point, Bonavista (first of the large scale exploration program in now highly developed Bakken tight oil play, horizontal well program, exploration and production drilling)
  • CNRL & Bellatrix (Initial horizontal wells programs in Cardium Sand zone)

During this time working in oilfield exploration, Mr. Dunn also took the opportunity to collaborate on Canadian geothermal exploration programs and was involved with a wide array of geothermal exploration projects in the US including Sierra Geothermal Power’s Nevada properties at Reese River, Barren Hills, Alum and Silver Peak.

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