Canoe Reach Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Borealis GeoPower, is using one of the best earth heat resources in Western Canada to develop a renewable energy project that can provide heat, power, local food and community development. What would the next generation want you to invest in today?

The Canoe Reach project is located in British Columbia, south of the town of Valemount. It is near the northern arm of Kinbasket Reservoir, which lies within the Rocky Mountain Trench between the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia Mountains.

The Canoe Reach Project is a three-phase geothermal development project, with the end goal of generating power locally via the region's geothermal resource. Each phase represents different levels of resource development, as well as increasing levels of monetization opportunities.

Phase 1: Griffin GeoHeat Park - Hot Pools, Greenhouse & CO2e Credits
A small-scale, local greenhouse and hot pools will be sustained naturally by the heat of the Earth. Geothermal energy can supply food security, jobs and boost tourism, all while creating CO2 credits instead of paying a carbon tax. We estimate that Phase 1 will generate 1,250 tonnes/yr of carbon credits.

                    With R&D support from the University of Alberta u-of-a

Phase 2: Cedarside GeoPark - 100 kW of power through the BC Hydro Net Metering Program, 1MW of power through the BC Hydro Community First Nations Standing Offer Program and heat supplied to GeoPark business customers. We estimate that Phase 2 will generate 19,000 tonnes/yr of carbon credits.
What would you grow with unlimited heat? A whole community.

Phase 3: Canoe Reach GeoPower
The Canoe Reach GeoPower project can sell 15 MW of power production through the BC Hydro Standing Offer program as well as provide ancillary services to BC Hydro for Transmission Grid Support.




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Craig Dunn Canoe Reach Exploration

Our Value Proposition

Borealis intends to develop small and large-scale geothermal heat and power projects. Before those are built out, Canoe Reach Energy can access heat from geothermal test wells and facilitate a local community’s dream to have world-class hot pools, with views stretching across Kinbasket Lake and under the two opposing mountain ranges. A fossil fuel-free meal, sourced from locally grown food, can be on the table next year from an organic greenhouse.

The GeoHeat Park’s use of the geothermal resource represents an opportunity to become BC’s, and indeed Canada’s, “greenest” provider of thermal energy. Canoe Reach Energy proposes to use 100% renewable, emissions-free, local geothermal energy to cost effectively substitute for traditional fossil fuelled based commercial heating sources.

Management research has validated that the local population wants a geothermal feature back in their community and is in advanced heat contract discussions with 2 anchor tenants.

Canoe Reach Energy is about realizing a vision. One where sustainable geothermal energy is the cornerstone of a new way of being, while also earning economic returns.

Wouldn’t it be great if doing the right thing also made you money?

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